Compliments from the public!

Good morning from Ilam, the children have had lots of compliments from members of the public to say how polite and well behaved the children have been. Well done Year 4, that is lovely to hear how respectful you are. Here they are enjoying breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Compliments from the public!

  1. Laura Ellison says:

    Oh how I’ve missed that gorgeous face! Mummy has a big smile too this morning, 6 hours and counting!! Love you millions Jessie xxx


  2. Rebecca Morris says:

    Morning Annie!!! Can’t waiy to hear about your little adventure! Hurry up home I don’t like it without you! See u this afternoon xxxx


  3. louise says:

    Good morning, up and raring to go. Hope u all have a great day. Cant wait to hear all about the adventures later. Hope the weather there is as good as here. See u later everyone x


  4. Amanda says:

    Good morning jessica am counting the hours down till I pick you up with your brother am so glad you have had a good time and used your manners and been polite that’s the way you been brought up cant ever ask for nothing better than well mannered and polite kids so proud of you big girl enjoy your last few hours love always mum and dad and tyler xxxx


  5. Laura says:

    That’s fantastic to hear 😁 it’s one thing we’ve always taught….manners cost nothing. Can’t wait to see you in a bit Millie moo xxxx love you to the moon and back


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