Good night from Ilam

The staff have just informed me that all the children are out like a light. The walk must have tired them out. Thank you for following today’s blog posts and we look forward to updating you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Good night from Ilam

  1. Amanda J Scott says:

    i am shattered just watching todays blog. looks like they are all having a amazing time. cant wait to see jaye and all her mates tomorrow. big thanks to Miss Darby, Miss Tyzack and Miss Elliot for giving Jaye this amazing adventure with her mates THANKYOU x

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  2. Emma Mason says:

    Thank you for letting us know. They looked like they had an amazing day! Can’t wait to see them tomorrow. Missed Ell so much! Xxx


  3. Amanda says:

    Thank you for all the photos and updates night night jessica sweetdreams princess love you millions have a good day tomorrow and thank you to all the staff for all there have done much appreciated xxx


  4. Sarah Jones says:

    Thanks for the updates and great photos it really does help us anxious parents. They seem to be all having the best time and creating great memories. X


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